Summer-body Breakfast


 I have OCD about this picture not being straight, sorry, but I was in such a hurry to eat because I had woken up so late!
Summer is here so all the best fruit is about so I have been having more fruit filled breakfasts to fill me up but also make me healthy.
I am not so concerned about gaining or losing weight, I eat whatever my body wants, but I just like to be healthy because a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Although it is the University holidays I have a strict reading list. 
I always concentrate better when I follow a primitive diet which is to eat as few 'man made' sugars as possible. Of course, I have lapses, but overall natural is best. I would say about 90% of the food I eat day-to-day is from natural sources, and I refrain from adding extra sugar or salt.  

This is a typical breakfast for me. The cereal is high fibre bran flakes topped with raisins. I wasn't feeling like eating too much fruit this morning, but I added the raspberries and a strawberry which were just enough to get the vitamins to see me through the morning. 

I don't know if anybody else feels like this, but if I go a day or two without eating many natural foods such as fruit and vegetables I start really craving them! Is this weird? Anyone else crave salad? Just me? OK. 

I have achieved an awful lot this morning-including this blogpost. It is not even 12.00 yet! Fingers crossed the rest of the day is this productive. 

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