Hello all,
Are you feeling festive yet? I certainly am. Partly because I have been given a wonderful gift from my best friend in the world. Its such a good idea so I want to share it with you all so you can get inspiration from this for your loved one. 
Basically it is a 12 days of Christmas sac. Each day there is a small (and can be inexpensive) gift to open, kind of like an advent calendar. Traditionally the 12 days of Christmas is after Christmas day, so you could give the sac on Christmas day and then your loved one will have a present on each day after Christmas (including one on Christmas day). Alternatively you can get your loved one really excited for Christmas by giving a present 12 days before Christmas and then save the main present on Christmas day. Thats the way I am doing it! Everyday I will be showing you what the present is so you can get some inspiration on what to include in your Christmas sac. This can cost as little or as much as you'd like which is great. I asked my friend not to spend too much so if you're on a budget this could be great for you. 

Putting a small clue on the card with the present is a really cute touch which boosts my anticipation for the gift. I love this little chocolate gift, my friend knows just how much I love Lindt Chocolate, so this gift was absolutely perfect. The name of it is My Melting Moment, you may have seen it in supermarkets or even tried it. If not, it is similar to the standard Lindor balls in that it has the smooth melty bit in the centre, but it is much richer. It is easy to break in half, so some can be saved for later...if you have the will power. I definitely didn't have the will power haha. I enjoyed it with a cup of tea! So good! 

Have you tried My Melting Moment by Lindor? Hows blogmas going for everyone? 

In a while, 

Emma Louise xx
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  1. I had that chocolate last night it's so yummy! lovely photos! Abi :)

    1. Aw thanks :) yeah it is soo good!


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