Todays gift is something I have wanted for ages, and never owned before. A reed diffuser!! My lovely best friend bough me an apple and cinnamon scented diffuser, which is a scent that I love. At first I thought the pictures were of cherries haha, is that just me?! I needed a diffuser because where I live, candles set the fire-alarm off which is so annoying! This is a great alternative. I am keeping this in its box until I go back to my place, but I can't really see how an apple and cinnamon scented diffuser can go wrong in my books. This one was only £1 too so I am banking on it being value for money, and lasting a while. This price is proof that with a 12 Days of Christmas gift, lots of money does not need to be spent and the gifts can still be of a great quality. 

A more expensive alternative to this would be Yankee Candle diffusers because I have seen that they have similar scents! To me, cinnamon is a festive scent so I really love this. I need to try to hold off from opening it, which will be hard. What are your experiences of diffusers? Any scents you'd recommend?  

Until tomorrow, 

Emma Louise xx

PS. If you noticed I didn't post yesterday, here's why: I was given a product which I usually love and have used so many times, but for whatever reason I had a reaction to it (which I feel so bad about because it was a gift, argh) and because this 12 Days of Christmas is about gifts from my friend that I have enjoyed, I felt it would be dishonest to claim to enjoy something which gave me an allergic reaction. So I made the difficult decision to leave it out. 

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  1. I love diffusers, bet that smells lovely! Abi :)

    1. This is my first one, but they may become my favourite thing! x

  2. Your friend is so kind putting this gift together for you, I've never used a reed diffuser in my home xx

    Ioanna |

    1. I know I am the luckiest girl in the world! Theyre great for freshening up rooms x

  3. Your calendar's gifts seem so nice each day ! Enjoy :D


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