Happy New Year!

As much as I love new years parties, I am having a quiet one this year. So, here is my outfit that I will be wearing to a really lovely bar. I hope this gives you some inspiration when you are  putting your outfit together! I am not into dresses at the moment, maybe its because its so cold now and dresses feel a tad skimpy. Nevertheless I am willing to get my belly out instead! It is an added bonus that this H&M jumper is really warm which is great. My skin isn't good at the moment because I have eaten far too much chocolate! But, to cover and clear it up I am wearing a base which always makes my skin feel so much better. The miracle product is the All-In-One Body Shop BB Cream. You can see me trying it out here. 

 I love long necklaces on loose jumpers like this, they add a bit of extra glitz. I rediscovered this beauty after buying this necklace years ago and only wearing it once. It was only a few quid from Primark but I'm impressed with how lovely it looks. Primark did good! I also love the nail polish which is a violet shade from Elf. 
I used a Topsy-Tail on my hair to do this wrap around ponytail. (If you haven't heard of it, its a plastic loop and stick which makes hairstyles easier.) I decided to go for a low key but pretty hairstyle because, well, honestly I'm not great at doing hair and it is just a quick style. 

As for the shoes, I haven't worn them much because I thought they were too dressy to wear with a skirt so they got pushed to the back of my wardrobe. Doing a bit of digging I realised that with jeans they look better. These are also great for my posture, I don't know why but they make me stand so straight. Again, Primark provided me with a bargain. The top of my ankles look weird on the below photo I think its the pop socks making them look randomly tanned haha! 

So that wraps up what I will be wearing out on New Years Eve! Anyway enough about me, what have you gone for outfit-wise? How are you spending your New Year, in or out? 

Em x
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  1. Gah, why can't I look so elegant? :( You look like a ballerina
    Elesaurus |
    Youtube - Eleanor Rose

    1. That is such a compliment thank you so much! I love your blog and you are elegant!! x

  2. I love that jumper - you look stunning.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. You look so pretty! love this post x

  4. Lovely outfit. love the necklace

    Made in Mauve

    1. thank you :) its an old necklace but its still on point, don't you think? x


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