Everyone has moments when they don't feel worthy or feel like shying away from something great, but insecurity is a way of growing into your own person. But what happens if you're so fed up of feeling like this and you want to speed the growing process along? I have some pointers that i'd love to share which have been collected from my own and my friends' experiences that may help you to learn and grow from these uncomfortable feelings. The good news is that if you work at it, a lack of confidence is a temporary state. I hope these pointers help along the way.

Be your own ideal.

So, I went through a non-conformist stage when I put a single purple streak in my hair, I wanted to dip-dye my hair purple but as far as I was aware nobody did that then. I was clearly ahead of my time, if I had stuck with that and done my own thing I would've become an ombre expert by now and my tutorials would be a lot more polished. The point is, if you like something is a bit out-there now and people make rude comments (whether its a family member or group of friends) stick with it if it makes you happy. It could help you in the future.

Don't put up with it. 

Sometimes people are just looking to make you feel inferior due to their own insecurities. So catch your thoughts when around certain people, who are you more self-conscious around? Has that person been putting you down? If so, don't stand for it. You deserve to be happy as much as anyone so either tell them how you feel or if a person/people are really bullying you tell someone. Don't stand for bullying no matter who it is.  Remember, the cliche is true: people who put you down have their own insecurities and you may have a life that wish they had, but cant have for their own personal reasons. That leads me onto this...

Green eyed monsters. 

Jealousy can make people act out of character and if someone is jealous of you they may treat you badly. Also, don't be jealous yourself, just because someone else has a certain quality or possession, doesn't mean that it is the right quality or doesn't mean you will never have it. This quote is a good one to remember: "don't compare your beginning with somebody else's middle" I love to get inspiration from people in my life which means that I can never be jealous because I am admiring people and taking tips from them. Positivity is always key. You are worthy of anything, never forget that! 

It is the most important thing to remember that online people airbrush their problems out of their social media you literally don't know what goes on in people's life behind closed doors. So don't ever think others have perfect lives and you don't. What they have in one area, they may lack in another. Life constantly yo-yo's, so don't be jealous you have great things in your life already and more to come.

Fake it until you make it.

Every morning and every evening say thank you to yourself for all of your lovely qualities. They can be the simplest things such as, "thank you for my health". You could say thank you to yourself when you do things which you find difficult, such as "thank you for being able to arrive to my exams on time today" or "thank you for speaking up during a presentation." Even something such as "thank you for being able to apply blusher perfectly." The more you give yourself these positive affirmations no matter how big or small, the more your mood will lift. Its a great way of tricking yourself into feeling more confident. After a while it will become ingrained into you subconscious.

Don't be upset by things you don't have. 

Everyone has different qualities, what you have is unique so celebrate that! Sometimes you can learn to be better at things such as public speaking but don't be less confident because of things out of your control. Not having naturally poker straight hair was always mine, I always thought I would look better with straight hair. I learned to style and use products for my slightly wavy hair and choose haircuts for my hair-type. So don't be upset over something that you don't have. Just do the best you can with what you've been given. I am actually glad I have hair with a bit more body now.  Although that is a trivial example, you'll get the idea. There is nothing wrong with aspiring to have some things but when it crosses over to anxiety and stress take a minute to realise you are the perfect you. :) 

I could go on forever with this, if you'd like a continuation of this let me know. But these are just some tips to help you out on your journey to feeling comfortable in your own skin! Support each-other on your journey throughout life and lets celebrate our uniqueness. 

Share your thoughts below. Comments are always welcome!

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  1. I love the "don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle" quotation. It's so hard not to compare yourself to others online, but in the end you don't know the person behind the screen, and their life is probably nowhere near as perfect as it seems!

    Steph -

    1. Yeah that is really true Steph :) thanks for commenting ps. you're perfect :D xx

  2. "Don't be upset by things you do not have"-> TRUE! I don't have a flat tummy and I probably never will, but I've learned to love myself just the way I am :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Aw thanks for sharing! Yeah learning to love yourself the way you are is the hardest but most rewarding thing :) ps I'm sure your stomach is perfect the way it is!!! :) xx

  3. Anonymous7/01/2015

    This post is so beneficial,, its always good to be reminded to love yourself and look back on how far you've come with your journey. Whether that be with confidence or your own self discovery!

    1. Aw thank you, I'm glad you liked it. Yeah I 100% agree, thanks for your lovely comment!


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