Being too ill to do work is not the same as being too ill to shop. I was engaging in a bit of comfort shopping and was trying find a website which listed the shops doing Black Friday deals tomorrow (mostly in the UK), but in doing this I couldn't find any. So I have done the research myself and thought I would share with you the best deals, if you're interested. Consider it as my thanksgiving gift to you :)  Happy shopping!
Beauty junkies Real Techniques six piece set reduced to the price of two brushes. Includes the amazing Real Techniques Foundation Brush. GO GO GO! This is the set, from the Superdrug Website.
They have released a special Black Friday trio: Veluxe Pearlfusion. Online only, so if like me you're too ill to go out, you don't need to feel guilty, the world wide web awaits.
I was so surprised to see this one because it is a high end department store, but there is 20% off selected items...which include Michael Kors Messenger bags...swoon. Just use the code SELF14
Of course, the brand that brought Black Friday to the UK. But if you're looking for a new camera there are some amazing SLR deals. I have been eyeing up some pearl jewellery here too. I tell ya, theres some good stuff in all categories.
Upto 50% off? YES PLEASE! I have my beady eye on this velvet jumpsuit I found on their website today. 
This jeweller is having a Black Friday sale alongside a clearance sale. There are some lovely Freshwater Pearl Earrings down to £7!! I am getting slightly giddy, I love pearls. Eek!

It is hard to tell if this is for Black Friday or just a sale but even still, its good! H&M currently have 50% off outerwear. In the US they have tonnes of Black Friday deals too!! This gorgeous coat is from £35 to £20!!! 
All these photos are from the shops' websites currently. So, if you like something you see, go get it :) What are you looking for in the Black Friday sales? What is the best Black Friday bargain you have picked up?

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  1. wow such a lovely post! great job x Happy Thanksgiving!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

    1. Thank you :) Happy Thanksgiving to you :) x

  2. Those Real Techniques brushes look so good! Abi :)

    1. They're a good price too for the Black Friday sales! x

  3. Great post! those brushes look great! and such a great bargain. Will look for something similar at my drugstore!


    1. Aww thanks :) let me know how it goes x


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