Stila is Illuminating My Life


I have recently discovered a really great foundation that I have been desperate to share with you. It is by no means from one of my go-to brands, and at £24 a bottle, it was a risky purchase. Thankfully, after wearing this foundation for a month and loving the finish, it was well worth the risk. I have naturally oily skin with a few dry patches but Stila's formula brightens  my skin giving it a healthy glow, and ensures that the dry patches are not visible. 
Having naturally oily skin with a few dry patches makes finding suitable foundations a chore.  but Stila's formula brightens my skin giving it a healthy glow, and ensures that the dry patches are not visible. This gem lasts between 5-6 hours which is reasonable. When it starts to fade it keeps skin looking healthy and even, so it is harder to notice the fade. I am pleased by this  because I am left with a natural-looking glow. 
I am always suspicious of new foundations because I have skin that can break out at any moment. But it has been a month and I can report that this has not made my skin break out. 

The only complaint I have is that this foundation has tiny glitter particles which I was paranoid about at first, after seeing them on my hand after application. I have since got over it because they are not noticeable on my face and are an essential part of the 'glow' without looking sparkly.

The bottle comes with a pump which I find preferable to 'dip your brush in' bottles. It is quite  thick packaging so maybe not the best for travel. Personally, I would make room for this foundation because it is a great asset to my makeup bag. Not the most affordable foundation but I am pretty sure I will repurchase unless I can find a less expensive alternative with the same finish.

This foundation has illuminated my life! Has it with yours, or do you wear a less expensive product which is just as good? 

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  1. This looks really pretty on you, it gives you a lovely glow xx


    1. Thank you Laura :) this foundation is really great, the glow is part of the illumination Stila offers :D xx

  2. I think the foundation looks great on you Emma.

    I don't really care about the price of the product, but the ingredients are most important for me. I always use foundations, which are not damaging for my body or skin. That's why I prefer skincare with natural ingredients. For example foundations by lavera.
    If you want to check the ingredients of your foundation, go on this site and search your product. Maybe they have it in their list. And if you know a little bit about ingredients, you'll find it out by yourself while reading the list on the back of your product.


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