Hello everyone, 

Day three! Each day I have more anticipation for my gift!  If you didn't see yesterdays post, I get 12 days worth of little gifts with the main present being on Christmas day in the run up to Christmas. This is courtesy of my best friend who knows me so well! So far I have been given some Lindor chocolate and snuggly winter socks! These are perfect :) Check those posts out if you are considering gifting this to someone. The 12 days of Christmas are supposed to begin on Christmas day, so its not too late! 

Todays gift is the lovely Radox Sleep Easy bubble bath! It has a lovely mild and fresh scent, so its not too overbearing. This adds to its relaxing properties if you ask me, I feel strong scents keep me more alert, if that makes sense? Do you feel the same? At first, I was disappointed because it wasn't bubbling up much. Anyways I left the bathroom for a minute whilst my bath was running, and when I  came back the bubbles had tripled in size. So I had a slightly over-bubbly bath haha! I don't know if it is the placebo effect or the blend of Chamomile & Jasmine, but I came out of the bath feeling really relaxed. I am so glad I like this because I needed some new bubble bath. 
Another good gift from my 12 Days Of Christmas bag. 

Feel free to visit tomorrow when I will be posting day 4! 

Em xx 

 Today I linked my blog with my INSTAGRAM whoop!

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  1. I have a bath every night with this Radox bubble bath. I love it!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. To be honest, I think I'm going to be doing the same because i found it lovely and relaxing .

      Emma xx

  2. This is soooo cute. Lovely post made me feel all excited for Xmas but I still need more time for presents lol. xox

    1. Aww im glad I've put you in the festive spirit! haha yeah me too, its gonna be a mad rush! xx

  3. This is so cute, i am counting already. Now 8 days to!!!


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